Friday, January 08, 2010

St. Augustine Pictures

Mollie had a grand ol' time at Mike's parents house when we visited for Christmas.  Mostly because my sister-in-law and brother-in-law brought their dog, Fender, too.

Fender takes his toys very, very seriously, as you can see.

Notice the intense concentration.

Mollie tends lack a sense of focus.  She much prefers to run around like crazy until she spots something to go after.

In this case, she decided she wanted Fender's toy.  Not any of the thousand toys we brought....FENDER'S toy!

You may think that Fender has the advantage, here, since he has about 50 pounds on Molllie.  Unfortunately, Mollie is faster, and Fender is also a tremendous wimp.


It didn't seem to bother poor Fender too much.  He moved on pretty quickly to the ball Mike was tossing:

But so did Mollie!!


Anonymous said...

So, who won the race to the ball?

Jacki said...

Like I said, Mollie is much faster :) Fender waited until she rain back with the ball, then headed her off!