Sunday, January 17, 2010

Orchid Heaven

Mike got back from a trade show late last night, and he came bearing gifts!

This is a Vanda.

Mike hung it up under the oak tree in our front yard so he can enjoy the newly warm weather.

Vandas are one of my favorite types of orchids.  They grow without any sort of potting media in their roots and get HUUUUUUUGE!  These are the types of plants that you pass onto your grandchildren!

This is my other Vanda, which has joined his new friend the in front yard until our next cold snap!

The other orchids (and one houseplant) that Mike brought home.  The trade shows are for anyone involved in the plant nursery industry, and since we supply potting soil to plant nurseries, we have a vested interest.  One of the side benefits of this trade show is that there are LOTS of orchid dealers there, and they want to get rid of their display plants quickly (read: cheap!)

I hate having to be alone the few times Mike has to travel for work, but I like it when he comes back with orchids for me!


Anonymous said...

The little orchid that you gave to me has two bloom stems. I thought it wasn't going to make it last year. But, this year it's doing very well.

The white orchid is: Dendrobium Burana White

Don't know that the middle one is. The bottom is most likely Oncidium 'Gower Ramsey'. All good, sturdy orchid.

I haven't had much luck with my vanda. It's only bloomed once in the 15 years I've had it. But, the plant looks good. LOL So, I keep it and hope.

Welcome home, Mike!

Lynn said...

that vanda is GORGEOUS!!!!

Mike said...

According to the email I just got from the grower, that middle orchid is a cattleya called 'Ave amarilla'. I'm a little dubious about this being the right classification, but he's the grower.