Monday, January 04, 2010

Hooray for Christmas Vacay!

I have been in hibernation since Christmas - I managed to delay the effects of all the stress I've been under for a little while, but after Christmas I really crashed.  I haven't been doing much, except maybe a little reading and cleaning.  Sometimes I just sit.  If you know me, you know how rare this is - I very rarely sit and do NOTHING - even when I'm watching T.V., I feel the need to be working on something.  But all that is about to go by the wayside, since I am gearing up to go back to teaching on Wednesday.  The days of sitting will soon be over!  But it's been a great Christmas break. 

I hosted Christmas Eve this year, 2nd year in a row.  I read somewhere that if you do something 3 years in a row, it becomes a tradition.  We will see about next year!  We all went to my church's Christmas Eve candlelight service, in which Mike played.  Then we came back to the house and had fondue.  It's casual and we have a lot of fun rotating around the table to get to the different types of cheese.  And then there's the CHOCOLATE fondue, too!!

This was Mollie's first Christmas with us, and she was VERY excited to have everyone over for Christmas Eve.  She thought they all came over just to see her!

Here you see her in a deep philosophical conversation with my great uncle Jerry.  They are probably evenly matched in their wits.  I kid.

My cousin April was happy to provide plenty of cuddles for Miss Mollie.

Mollie tried to pay her in kisses  :)

"Hi, I'll just climb on the couch and wedge myself into that impossibly tiny space, thanks."

"this is not what I had in mind..."

I did get a few non-doggifed pictures:

Me with my mom and dad.

Why did I not move that kitty-smashed bag out of the background?!? Morgan the cat decided it was a great place to nap.

I didn't get any Christmas day pictures - we're still debating on who actually forgot to put the camera in the car before we headed to my mom and dad's house.  I'm hoping my mom will send my some pictures I can share, and that my mother-in-law will do the same! [hint, hint!]


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice relaxing Christmas break!

Mollie found the good seat in the house. LOL

Lynn said...

Great pics of you guys!! A true Florida Christmas, short sleeves and skirts!!