Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice!

Our heating system decided to celebrate the shortest day of the year by going KAPUT on us last night.  Actually, we don't really know when it stopped working, because we've been trying to go as long as possible without turning it on, but Mike and I spent the day debating on whether or not it was actually out or not.  All I know is that I slept with socks on my hands last night....and and I WAS RIGHT!

So today I've been wearing my long underwear, making good use of our space heater, doin' the Santa Claus Boogie while I give my poor, neglected house the cleaning it needs.  However, I'm starting to really feel the cold, so I think this may be me for the rest of the day:

You can't tell me I haven't earned it!!


Anonymous said...

have you reset your breaker for the thermostat?
that did the trick for us recently!

Anonymous said...

Ours wasn't working Sunday morning either. I gave the thermostat a good cleaning and now it's working fine. I was NOT a happy camper waking up on Sunday. My feet hit the tile floor in the bathroom ---- YOWZA --- what a wake-up call!

phyl said...

Clyde was in the room when I pulled this up and we just hollered with the picture of the dog and donkey and your comment!! Before we read your last comment, Clyde said that whoever teaches first graders especially this time of the year deserves to take a rest! :)
Hope you find the problem with the heater!

Lynn said...

So is it working now??? You don't realize how cold it is until the heat goes out!!!

Jacki said...

Yes we got it fixed, it was a simple fuse :)