Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is the holiday that my dear Aunt Faye usually handles, and this year was no different, despite her having a humdinger of a bad week.  My mom beat me to posting Thanksgiving pictures, but I wanted to share my perspective:

A banana spider

My dad's hand....and the banana spider.  I can't really give a reason why he put his hand that close to a spider...

My uncle Randy and his daughter Rachel on our traditional after-dinner walk.  It was a beautiful day for a walk outside!

My crazy Uncle Jerry was TRYING to stick out his chest, his reason being so he looked slimmer.  I think it just  made him look silly!

We walked along some train tracks in Dunnellon.

Hey look, mistletoe!  I had no idea that it grew in Florida.

My cousin Rachel in some deep thought.  As usual.  She is one of the deepest thinkers I know.  Which is weird because I still fight the urge to think of her as a little kid.

She's so observant - she finds things that I would never notice, like this cool mushroom.

But I DID notice this awesome caterpillar!  I love his green fuzziness!

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