Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Early Christmas Gift

One of my orchids has bloomed just in time for Christmas!  Oh how I love a Florida Christmas!

The bud has been developing for a few weeks, but I brought him inside just before he opened so we could enjoy it.  Yesterday I went to get some close-ups of the flower, but another little beauty decided she wanted a close-up too...

It's Morgan!!  She is very fascinated by the noises the camera makes and always comes running when it's out.

...easily distracted cat...

Today when I was leaving to run some errands, I noticed that the flower had opened even more, so I made a mental note to take some more pictures when I got home:

Even more beautiful than before!  But if you look at the bottom left corner of this picture, you can see the ear of someone else who was waiting for a close-up of her own....

It's Brooklyn!!  Soaking up the sun in our greenhouse window, no doubt.  She's always ready for a photo session!

"I can't help it if I'm beautiful..."

"Here, let me show you my best side..."

"Okay, that's enough...I need my beauty rest!"


Anonymous said...

My orchid like that opened up several weeks ago. We have really been enjoying the "fragranced" bathroom this week.

Mine is just about done so the perfume is just about gone, but for awhile there you could smell it in the bathroom and out into the hallway.

Have a great Christmas!

Lynn said...

What a gorgeous orchid!!! and so are the kitties!!!!