Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Off Continued

I spotted this little guy while enjoying some porch time yesterday.  He was hanging out on one of our tomato plants, hopefully devouring some of the aphids that have decided to devour that bush as of late.  I loved the little imperfection on his nose - he got into a tussle with something!

He was probably also enjoying the raindrops left from yesterday - we all are!  Boy did we need that rain.

Knockout Rose - we just got this recently, and it is SO easy to take care of!  Seriously - if you hate growing roses because of how hard they are to take care of, try a Knockout Rose.  WHY haven't I tried these before?!?

And my HUGE harvest from yesterday - a tiny oriental pepper!


Lynn said...

Yes!!! Knockout roses are fantastic!!! It took me a LONG time before I killed them off!! LOL Our property isn't the greatest for growing things. Between being an old orange grove and add in the contruction and cement sand, well it's a challenge to keep things growing in the front yard. FUnny, though you can see where the line is of GOOD soil and BAD soil. You'd think after all this time here we killed enough things to make the soil better!

Anonymous said...

I love those little green frogs with the racing stripes.

Unfortunately, we have the big brown Cuban variety this year. They make a BIG mess!

Jacki said...

Lynn, sounds like you need some of our famous family compost!!