Tuesday, September 22, 2009

German Adventure Day 10: Monday, July 27th

The day after we got back from Dresden, we went on a canoeing trip on the Alster River in Hamburg. Mike and I got our own smaller canoe, and in the other boat was Julius the Zealous, along with some friends of the Hampe family.

Hamburg's elite lives in huge houses on the Alster, so we got to see how people who think they're way better than anyone else lives.

It was a beautiful day in Hamburg. Summers there are so different than in Florida! Of course, winters are different, too, but not in a good way!

I was more than happy to let Mike do most of the work while I took pictures :)

This picture is a product of me pointing the camera towards the back of the boat and snapping a photo. I didn't want to risk capsizing the boat by turning around!

Strangely enough, I did the same thing for this one, and it came out really well!

At this point in the trip, I remember starting to get over a bit of the "culture shock" of being in a foreign country. I didn't realize how tiring it is to hear a language you don't understand all day, to have to rely on someone else or your best gestures to order in a restaurant or ask for directions. At first I was extremely timid, fearful of even paying for a purchase without having at least Mike right there, but at this point in our trip I was much more confident. Of course it helps that most Germans speak English! They are so funny - if you ask a German whether or not they speak English, they always give the same answer - "a little." But their definition of "a little" is very different from mine. I thought that I spoke "a little" German because I can count to ten...but Ms. Cashier at McDonald's thinks she speaks "a little" English and is fully fluent! I guess I should quantify the amount of German I speak as "very little," or even "hardly none at all!"

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