Thursday, August 06, 2009

Off Again...

Tomorrow my mom and I are leaving for Mississippi until next Tuesday. Those of you who are impatiently waiting to see more Germany pictures are just going to have to wait until I'm back! I'm sure I will have Mississippi pictures to show, too - we're going to visit my brother's fiancee, the soon-to-be Mrs. Emily Cook and attend her wedding shower. Then I'll only have the rest of that week before it's time to go back to schoool!

I really can't believe that the summer is almost over. Does it make me a bad teacher if I say that I really haven't given much thought to next school year? Actually, that's not totally accurate, I've been thinking a lot lately about how my first year of teaching went and how I want this year to be different. Overall, I was very satisfied with my first year....the kids learned what they needed to learn, I was on a great team, and I learned a lot about myself. The only thing I really want to change is the amount of time I spent at school. I am so over ten-hour days!! This year I am GOING to have a personal life!


Dee said...

Have a good time in Mississippi!

I guess we are just not going to fit in another trip to The Cheese Shop. Bugger!

Maybe during winter break.

Lynn said...

See you HAVE been thinking abt this coming year. Now that you are in your classroom, you don't have to do as much. Plus you know what you can save for your *helpful* parents to do!! LOL