Monday, August 24, 2009

German Adventure Day 7: Friday, July 24th

We spent all day looking around Berlin, me hobbling around after my foot went numb up to the knee the night before. I woke up in the morning with my foot swelled up pretty bad, but I was determined to not let it stop me! Of course, now that I'm in a walking cast trying to chase after first graders, I wish that I has taken it easy, but come ON! I couldn't sit on my butt during the trip of a lifetime!!

We started off going to see Checkpoint Charlie, the most well-known checkpoint between East and West Berlin when Germany was divided. The Checkpoint Charlie museum was very interesting, I would highly recommend going here to read about how the museum got stared by a group of very committed people. It was fascinating to see exhibitions about the creative (and sometimes life-threatening) methods people came up with to sneak across the border into West Berlin. A few of those stories can be read here.


Parts of the wall are still standing, and we got some great shots:

We also came across a Holocaust Memorial that has been erected in Berlin.

It was very deceptive – it does not seem that big from the outside, but when I got to the middle of it, the weight of all that tall cement hung on my heart.

The cement blocks seem endless, making one think of the endless number of people affected by the Holocaust.

We visited the Brandenburg Gate:

I'm in there somewhere.....
I can tell you that it's a VERY sturdy structure!!

One of the last things we did that day was visit Museum Island, a collection of archaeological museums that is still being rebuilt after losing over 70% in the second World War.

A person could have easily spent an entire day or more visiting all the musems, but since time was limited we only went to the Pergamom, which holds three distinct collections: Classical Antiquities, Ancient Near East, and Islamic Art. Mike grabbed the camera and took a LOT of pictures, unfortunately he didn't record what everything was. Here are the pictures of things I can identify:

I enjoyed Berlin, but it reminded me of pretty much any big city in America....large and crowded! The kind of place I like to visit but would NOT want to live!!


Dee said...

The Brandenburg Gate is something else.

When I lived in Philadelphia and worked in New York I couldn't imagine NOT living in a big city. Now I think Orlando is too big. LOL

Stuart said...

You guys are too cool. Nils was lucky to have a family like your to experience for a year.

And then to go visit him... too cool.