Sunday, August 02, 2009

German Adventure Day 4: Tuesday, July 21st
This was the first day that I really didn't feel the effects of jet lag. Unfortunately the return trip is not being as kind to me!
We started off the day with a visit to the Hamburg Rathaus, or town hall. I think that Germans are a lot more proud of their town halls than we are - the town hall was pointed out to me by the host of every city we visited. I don't even know where the Leesburg town hall is! Of course it's probably not as beautiful as this one:

Next we moved on to check out other views of the city:

This building is one of the few structures that survived the bombings of April 1945. With so many other buildings surrounding it, it was hard to imagine a single building rising out of the rubble.

Wait, what??
Then we went with Christiane, Nils' mom, to a Spice Museum. It was really neat - very hands on, and Christiane and I had fun comparing how we use and pronounce the different spices.

I loved the old advertisements!

A ship made from cloves.

Last, we went to Planten un Blomen, a large, GORGEOUS botanical garden with endless acres of gardens and greenhouses. I turned my (many) pictures into a slideshow for your enjoyment. We weren't the only beings enjoying the gardens - get ready for some serious insect action!

We really enjoyed Planten un Blomen - these pictures really don't do it justice! Germans sure do like their flowers - there were flower shops everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty pictures. That's quite a town hall!