Saturday, August 01, 2009

German Adventure Day 3: Monday, July 20th

Today we went with Nils and his brother Benni to the Miniatur Wunderland Museum in Hamburg. It's hard to describe in words what this museum is like, but it's basically lots of rooms full of miniature models. However, that is NOT an accurate description of how cool this place is! Once we got there, I discovered that I had accidentally left my memory card at the house...but I HAD remembered to bring the camera! DOH! So these are iPhone pictures, which came out surprisingly well, but definitely visit the website to see some better pictures. Or even better, watch this video (in English, albeit a really funky British English) to get a better feel for it.

I loved how they put so much work into creative details - like this wedding!

A car wreck in Germany - those crazy German drivers! Actually, we went on the Autobahn and I didn't even know it - it wasn't as crazy as I thought!
Miniature wind turbines, much like the real ones that dot the landscape in Germany.

Oh no, a bank robbery!!

The American section was definitely not set in the present day.

Roswell, New Mexico - click to enlarge if you can't see the alien invasion!

Las Vegas

Monster Trucks! Is this what they think all Americans do in their spare time??

Sea World!!

After the museum, Mike went into McDonald's for a Coke and was proud to say "Ich liebe es" (I'm lovin it!)

The guy standing behind the sign gave me a REALLY weird look when I walked up to the sign and took a picture of it. He must have thought I was taking a picture of him! I guess I really was...

For dinner I made a stromboli with Nil's mom, Christiane:

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