Monday, July 20, 2009

We Made It!!

We made it safely to Germany, and are having a GREAT time!! Of course we were quite tired from the long plane ride, but we were very excited to see "our boy" and finally meet his family.

Here is Nils and his little brother Julius.

We explored Hamburg in the afternoon, mostly running on the excitement of being here!

Looking tired even under sunglasses!

Hamburg is a port city - this is the Elbe River.

Nils' father, Wolfgang, speaks very good English, as do most people here. We can communicate well with everyone in the family except for Julius, the baby of the family. But I brought him candy, so I think he likes me, even if we can't speak to each other directly :)

We visited the St. Michaelis Church, which I think is a wonderful symbol of the resilency of the German people. It had been rebuilt time and time again, after being destroyed by lightening strikes, fire, and war bombings. We took the stairs to the top of the tower and got a great view of Hamburg. After the long trip and jet lag, it was very hard for us to climb the 433-foot tower, which had nearly as many steps.

The view was quite nice, however.

All that on our very first afternoon here! More will come, but I can't promise how soon! We have been very busy, but are having the time of our lives!

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Dee said...

Beautiful pictures! Keep 'em coming!