Friday, July 31, 2009

German Adventure Day 2: Sunday, July 19th

On our first full day in Germany, I awoke early due to the effects of jet lag. But that was okay because I had agreed to go to the Hamburg Fish Market with Wolfgang and Julius. All other family members decided to stay in bed, including Mike, so it was just me and the boys!

It's called a Fish Market, but you can buy basically anything there. We bought cherries from this stand - a huge scoop that the three of us couldn't finish for one Euro!

Julius used his expertise to pick out a melon.

It was really crowded. Lots of them were young people who'd stayed out all night in the St. Pauli district and came here to prolong the inevitable hangover. The guys who are front and center are a great example!

Later that day, we traveled to the Altes Land, an area of Northern Germany that is well-known for its beauty and plentiful orchards.

We found this adorable little house-turned-produce store, with an orchard out back and a warehouse full of old-fashioned electronics that Mike had a ball exploring.
He loved this old-fashioned Victrola so much that he insisted that I take his picture with it.
Seriously, how cute are these?!?

The warehouse guy told us that we could explore the cherry orchard and eat as much as we wanted off the trees. Needless to say, we were more than happy to oblige.

I'm not sure if they used Ladybugs for organic pest control, but they were everywhere!

There really is nothing like walking through an orchard, eating the freshest possible fruits. One of the many simple joys of life.
Somehow the boys managed to drag me away from that orchard, and we got a beautiful view of the river.

I love this picture. And the fact that I got a picture of this kid when he was STILL is quite an accomplishment!

After the Altes Land, we stopped in Strade, a beautiful little town that is reminiscent of times past.

We went into a beautiful old church that had one of those organs I wish we had more of in America.

In the bottom corners of the previous photo, you can see the paintings that lined the aisles. They were gorgeous at first glance, but upon taking a closer look I discovered that they were scenes from the life of Christ.
If you click on this picture you will see what I mean! There is a surprising amount of detail in this picture.

The marble altar.
Then we enjoyed more of the beautiful town scenery:

We also tried a popular "fast food" in Germany, doner (pronounced "doo-nah"). There's a large Turkish population in the country, and Turkish-operated doner stands are found all over. I was glad we had Wolfgang and Nils there to help us order - ordering ethnic food in a foreign country is even harder than ordering food in America!
The doner guy thought it very strange that I wanted to take his picture.
It was as good as it looks!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

Look how dark those cherries are. I bet they were SWEET!

Lynn said...

He just thought you were some crazy american!! LOL What great stuff you did!! Love the pics of the streets and the orchard is beautiful!

Lynn said...

Oh and I LOVE the flowers at the fish market!!!