Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fun at the Dog Park

Mollie and I have been able to go to the dog park often since summer began. She LOVES meeting other dogs and people, and sniffing around the different areas.

Our dog park is really nice - it has different areas for differnt size dogs, nice benches for the humans, water spigots, and even a dog washing station! I can't believe we lived here for a year before we discovered it!

I have gotten so many action shots of Mollie, but I have yet to get a good still shot of her. There's a reason for that!!

I am so in love with the ear action going on in these pictures, especially this one!!

Time for a rest!


Lynn said...

I think I asked you this before, but can't remember the answer. Is this Idamere? Or is that too far away from you?

Jacki said...

No, it's PEAR Park - Palatlakaha Environmental & Agricultural Reserve. Idamere is nice too but it's pretty far away.