Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Fierceness is the willingness to overcome your own timidity to do that which is necessary."

I clipped that quote out of a magazine earlier today, not really knowing why. I pondered it while I went about my day, thinking about how it applied to my life. I feel that I have changed and grown so much as a person over the past year - I have learned how to get both a six-year old and a sixteen-year old to do what I want by getting them to think it was their idea. I have finally learned how to not let people take advantage of me. I have learned how to deal with impossible people. I have learned that not everyone who is friendly to me is my friend. But one goal I have struggled with is to become fearless. I know that I tend to be fearful of the what-if's and how-to's of this life, and I thought that if I could eliminate fear, life would be much easier.

There are many people in my life who I see as fearless, one of them being my dear aunt, Debbie Cook. She faced cancer with what I percieved as absolute fearlessness. Even before her diagnosis, she lived a life that was far from easy, but she always carried a sense of grace and peace about her. She fought the cancer that attacked her body for far longer than any doctor predicted. She was told to get her affairs in order countless times. But what I mistook for fearlessness I now think was actually fierce-ness. I am certain that she experienced her share of fear, but she was willing and able to overcome that fear in order to live her life with a sense of fullness. She was a Godly, lovely woman whom I greatly looked up to, and even though she is no longer living on this Earth, her legacy will continue - all because she was FIERCE.

And so for the next school year, my personal goal will be to overcome my timidity in order to accomplish that which I find necessary - in short, to be fierce.


Lynn said...

Uh oh, those parents better watch out next year!!!!

I'm sorry to hear abt your aunt. I agree, you need a quality like fierceness to battle a disease like cancer. She got more time out of this life than she would have normally. Good for her.

Anonymous said...

You can be fierce ... it is in you to be so.

We should all strive to be peacefully fierce.