Monday, May 25, 2009

Precious Puppies

We took Mollie to my parent's house for a visit and jet-ski riding (pics of that to come later). Mollie has had a "thing" for sand since we've had her, and she went absolutely BESERK when she hit the sand on the beach. My parents have several hundred yards of beach now that the lake levels are so low. Great news for our sand-obsessed dog!

She had a grand 'ol time streaking around by herself, trying to eat the white caps on the waves and generally getting filthy. Then, the neighbor's dog appears in the distance....

Mollie comes running to investigate....

And the chaos increases by a factor of about ten thousand:The introductions didn't last long.

Soon they were chasing each other around with great abandon!

A third dog briefly joined, and Hoverdog came over to investigate.

I was able to capture a lot of crazy facial expressions on Mollie. Flared lips. Wide eyes. Ears all over the place. Love it!

Paw count: 1 out of 8 on the ground!

Mollie took several shake breaks.

Take a look at those teeth!!

She also took a break of, ahem, another sort. Just keepin' it real.

All the craziness made for one tired dog!

Precious puppy paws are palpably perfect!!!


D said...

Great pictures!!! :-)

Lynn said...

OMG Mollie had a blast!!! I love all the running around and then crashing on the sand for a nap and some warm sun. Nothing but a dog's life for her!!!