Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Water Pictures

My last post was strictly dogs, but I took some other picture from our day at my parent's house. We all had a great time jet-skiing, and Nils got to do some wakeboarding:

Ready to go...

...getting up....

.....almost there...

This is the "Pirate Truck," which belongs to my parents' crazy neighbors. Since the lake levels have gone down so much they use it to get around the beach (which is normally covered in water!)

My dad.

My uncle on one of his favorite toys.

Dad and Mike with one of Mike's favorite toys. Yes, that is the boat that we've had many adventures on. Yes, he's still trying to get the engine to work reliably. Yes, I am incapable of talking about that thing without rolling my eyes.

Mike recently roped my dad into giving it his best shot. The jury is still out on that one.

Mollie and her new friend Roxy gad-about while my mom looks on.

Had to end with a dog picture!!

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Anonymous said...

The day we were over at your Mom's, the neighbor was doing j-turns in the sand --- (get this!) in a MINI!


I think that pup loves her daddy!