Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 5: Wednesday, April 15th

We spent our last day in Marathon at The Turtle Hospital, which was really interesting. They do great conservation work by rehabilitating sea turtles that have been injured or become sick. We got to meet lots of interesting creatures!

This is Zone, a Green Sea Turtle who was hit by a boat and also has fibropapillomas.

This is Fin. She was rather sick at the time, and you could tell the poor girl didn't feel good. She was hit in the head by a boat (rather grody picture here) and also has fibropapillomas. According to the website she is doing much better.

OD the Green Sea Turtle enjoying a back rub from our guide.

I kept hearing the Sea Turtles from Finding Nemo when I saw this guy: "Doooooooooooooood!"

This poor guy suffers from "Bubble Butt," the product of a boat hit.

Later, we went to the Old Seven Mile Bridge to see the sunset. It was actually not so spectacular, but you know what they say: "A mediocre sunset in the Keys beats a good day at work!"

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Mike holding the setting sun! Very good capture.