Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank you for your kind words, everyone. We're doing okay here - the animals are a little confused, and I keep thinking, "I just can't believe she's gone." I am grateful that her suffering was not prolonged, and as long as I keep busy, I am okay. It's a girl thing. This morning, one of my kids came in the classroom lugging a huge stuffed dog with a card around it's neck. He says to me, "Mrs. Wolfe, you can borrow my dog until you're not sad anymore."

I love my kids.

I'd like to finish posting picture from our Keys trip after this, and possibly update my food blog, someday. We'll see :)

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Lynn said...

I am SOO sorry to hear abt Sophie. This is the worst part of being owned by a pet. She can never be replaced, but what I find helps is to cuddle the other ones a bit more. Like you said, they are a bit confused too and the cuddles help everybody.