Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Divorce isn't common in my family, we just put up with each other.

I can't remember which of my cousins first coined that term, but it's the perfect caption for this picture: That would be me doing who-knows-what with my hand on my face. And that would be my brother, David, who is striking the lovely nyah-nyah pose. His birthday is today!

What you don't see is the death grip he has on the back of my dress to keep me from running off. Thanks, big brother.

What a good brother-putting on a sad face so I wouldn't be the only pouter in this picture! :)

(do not notice the beer bottle on the floor next to the preacher man. He's just lucky I didn't post the one of him pouring vodka!!)

Happy Birthday, Big Brother. I love you.

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Dee said...

Hope David had a good birthday!