Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 2: Sunday, April 12th

We broke camp early on Sunday morning and headed for Key West, but not without stopping at ROBERT IS HERE!! Ever since I first entered the blogging world several years ago, I have been reading about this place and wanting to go there. The allure of the place for me is that it truly is "Pure Florida" - it has a funky name with a story behind it, it sells locally grown and exotic produce, and there are random animals running around. I've come within a few hours of Robert is Here before, but this time I actually made it! It's in Homestead, which you really have no reason to go to unless you're driving to the Keys (or you want to see the everlasting effects of Hurricane Andrew, a decade later).

I must have been missing my kitties, because this is the first thing I spotted!!
He was not too impressed by my attempts at bonding :)

I got to taste a famous Robert is Here smoothie!

What the heck is that thing?!? Anyone? Anyone?

Heirloom tomaotes, grown by Robert himself. You don't see those in Publix**!!

A honey tasting station - I had way too much fun! It was so cool to taste the undertones from the different flowers presented to the bees. I tried mulberry, orange, amaretto,! I got some of the ginger honey, and I totally plan on making some Asian Honey Chicken!

This is how shopping should be. Beautiful.

The boys were finally able to drag me away, and we arrived in Key West two hours later. We set up our tent and headed out for a little sightseeing. First stop: the southern-most point in the continental U.S., a must-see tourist attraction.

It's big and ugly, but every tourist has to get their picture taken next to it!

The end (or beginning) or U.S. Highway 1. And a huge tree. And me.


The first of many beautiful sunsets in the Keys!

**by the way, I just had to share one of my first grader's versions of the Pledge of Allegiance, which I heard this morning: "...and to the RePublix, for which it stands, one nation..." I completely lost it! This has nothing to do with the Keys, I know, but it was so darn funny!


Anonymous said...

That fruit you didn't know looks like the asian durian. Once you open it, it stinks but is supposed to taste delicious. Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods can't even eat it.

Sara said...

Those pics made me homesick! I loved Roberts and made many trips there when we still lived in Miami! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

It's breadfruit


Lynn said...

Love all these pictures. I agree, you need to take a pic by the buoy. I am truly amazed at all the experiences you've given Nils since he's been here.