Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mollie Makes a New Friend.

Needless to say, the kitties have been less than impressed with our newest addition.

We've had plenty of stand-offs during which one of the cats growls, hisses, and spits, but doesn't actually do anything, and Mollie stands there with her tail wagging. I keep telling Brooklyn and Morgan that if one of them would work up the courage to swipe her good ONE TIME, it would be over and we could move on, but so far, nothin' doin'!

But that all changed when Mollie met Bubba. Bubba is the huge, tailless neighborhood cat who is not afraid of anything, especially not a stinkin' puppy!! Watch what happens:

I really wished I could have captured the YEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! that came from Mollie when Bubba decided he'd had enough of her friendliness.
Unfortunately I don't think she learned much.

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Lynn said...

The picture of Bubba chasing Mollie is PERFECT!!!!! LOL