Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day at the Dog Park

We've been trying to go to Pear Park as often as possible since we got Mollie. They have a wonderful dog park there, and Mollie can often find other dogs who can keep up with her.

They knew where we were going :)

I didn't realize I was taking a picture of myself too.

I think that this picture really shows here personality.

My favorite picture from the day, and my favorite picture that I've taken in awhile. This one is going on the wall!

Daddy playing with Mollie...

...and hanging out with Sophie! She enjoys dog-watching.

She is definitely part Retriever. Her nose is always to the ground!

Sophie watching as the world turns.

Parting shot: Sandhill Cranes!


phyl said...

These pictures are just wonderful!! I love the one of the 2 with their heads looking out of the windows that you said would go on the wall!! Priceless!! The one with Michael looking down at Sophie choked me up alittle. It made me think of him and Sheena. This picture is a keeper!!

Anonymous said...

You certainly have a full household now.

Mollie is a cutie.

Lynn said...

What great pics!!! I love the one of the profiles, it looks as if Sophie is passing on her knowledge to Mollie.

Jacki said...

Lynn, that is a perfect way to put it. Thank you all for your comments.