Sunday, March 22, 2009

In the Garden...

So far this year we are growing....

Herbs (parsley, rosemary, dill, cilantro, mint)

Arugula (also known as Rocket for you Limeys). Good in salads!

Tomatoes. You'll see lots of potted veggies, it's Mike's new fascination.


Peppers. be put in the ground soon and hopefully have fruit next year! mom gave me these when we first moved in, and this is the first time they've bloomed.
And apparently, we're also growing kitties and puppies!!

*note the irresistable bent-back ear. Love it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day at the Dog Park

We've been trying to go to Pear Park as often as possible since we got Mollie. They have a wonderful dog park there, and Mollie can often find other dogs who can keep up with her.

They knew where we were going :)

I didn't realize I was taking a picture of myself too.

I think that this picture really shows here personality.

My favorite picture from the day, and my favorite picture that I've taken in awhile. This one is going on the wall!

Daddy playing with Mollie...

...and hanging out with Sophie! She enjoys dog-watching.

She is definitely part Retriever. Her nose is always to the ground!

Sophie watching as the world turns.

Parting shot: Sandhill Cranes!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mollie Makes a New Friend.

Needless to say, the kitties have been less than impressed with our newest addition.

We've had plenty of stand-offs during which one of the cats growls, hisses, and spits, but doesn't actually do anything, and Mollie stands there with her tail wagging. I keep telling Brooklyn and Morgan that if one of them would work up the courage to swipe her good ONE TIME, it would be over and we could move on, but so far, nothin' doin'!

But that all changed when Mollie met Bubba. Bubba is the huge, tailless neighborhood cat who is not afraid of anything, especially not a stinkin' puppy!! Watch what happens:

I really wished I could have captured the YEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! that came from Mollie when Bubba decided he'd had enough of her friendliness.
Unfortunately I don't think she learned much.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mollie Maggie Mae Wolfe

Now that I've teased you with pictures, I'll tell you the whole story of how we came to be a two-dog household. I'll go ahead and get the really difficult part out:

Sophie is really sick. She hasn't been the same since our trip to the doggie ER in December, and although we're still not sure what is wrong with her, the vet has given her less than 6 months to live. They think that's she's a lot older than what was originally thought, and she's really starting to show it. She's lost 18 pounds, which is a lot when you only weigh 48 to begin with. Our pets are very much a part of our family, and realizing all this feels like a punch in the gut. Sophie is such a good dog - always has been. I swear there have been times where it seems like she understands what I'm saying. Everyone who meets her comments on what a well-behaved dog she is, and that is not as a result of us being good pet parents, that's just how she is. As of now, she is doing fine as a result of some acupuncture (laugh all you want, it's working!!) So as long as she can maintain a good quality of life, we will keep her with us, and beyond that I can't really think.

Of course, we were devastated when we heard about Sophie. We have always thought that when she got older, we would get a puppy, but we never realized we would be considering it so soon. If there's one thing we know, it's that whenever we're ready, a new pet shows up, so we left it at that. About a week after this conversation, I kept having these thoughts of a dog named Mollie. They would just pop into my head when I was going about my day, and I kept dismissing them, thinking that maybe my 21 first graders had finally driven me over the edge. That weekend, two puppies showed up at our door - a pit bull and Mollie. Mike called me outside, and when I saw her, I thought "there she is." We found a home for the pit bull, and Mollie is adjusting to the sweet life of regular feedings, baths, and cuddles.

She was FILTHY and ridden with fleas - she had scratched off the hair on her hind legs, which you can see in the above picture. We think that she's a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix, but she's basically just a mutt! The vet thinks that she is about 8 months old, so we're getting a late start on housetraining, which requires a lot of patience :)

Mollies' likes:
~Food, or anything that can be construed as food. Frozen green beans are a favorite
~Toys, or anything that can be construed as a the recliner in our bedroom...RIP.
~Running around like a maniac
~Trying to get to know her kitty sisters, who are not impressed by her attempts.

Mollie will soon be getting her very own picture in my sidebar. Welcome, Mollie!!