Saturday, February 07, 2009

My OMG Moment.

After my mile-high (almost) experience last Saturday, we went to a Barbeque festival in Lakeland. Luckily the motion sickness had worn off by then, so one minute I'm walking around in smoky-induced heaven, and the next I'm wheeling myself around fast enough to give myself whiplash. Why? Because I heard someone say this:

"Hey, isn't that the Nekkid Chef?"

By that I assumed they meant Jamie Oliver, only my FAVORITE Food Network Chef, who is otherwise known as the Naked Chef. After cutting through another vendor's area and leaping over a bush, I had my first OMG moment of 2009: a close encounter with Jamie Oliver!!

At this point I MAY have gotten a little giddy. Maybe.

He's one fast English bugger!!


Lynn said...

He was HERE?!? OH wow, that is WAY cool!!! Did you get the nerve to talk to him? Or just drool from afar?

Dee said...

Who would have thought he'd be in Lakeland? LOL

Jacki said...

He was getting ready to turn in his BBQ entry for the contest, so no I did not talk to him. But honestly I don't know if I would have had the nerve even if I didn't have a good excuse!!