Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She Has Puppy Breath...

More to come.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What happened in January

January was SUCH a busy month - I'm still writing 2008 on everything!! I have some good pictures I want to share from January, even though February is almost halfway over. Just be aware that there are a LOT of pictures in this post! So here's what happened in January:

Nils finished up his soccer season, and I got to play with the settings on my camera to figure out how to take high-speed, low-light pictures:

It was very interesting being a "soccer mom." I am still in awe of how nasty some of the parents can be. God forbid a referee make a call against THEIR baby - I've never heard such name-calling!

We took a trip to South Florida for a trade show, and spent the long weekend exploring the Everglades as well. Mom and I added to our orchid collections:

Trade shows are great places to get cheap plants! Most of these orchids were only 5 or 6 dollars - if you don't "do" orchids, take a gander at how much they are in a garden center next time you're in one - that is CHEAP!

After the trade show we took Nils down to the Everglades, which was so much fun! Neither of us has been that far South in years, and it was like seeing it for the first time. On our way down we stopped at a rest stop, and I couldn't take my eyes off this Basset Hound and his boy. I want my kids to grow up having this kind of relationship with animals:

At another rest stop:

Looking at gators!!

I got to play with the exposure settings on my camera. These are actually car lights as they're driving by:

Of course I took a lot of Gator pictures:

We took the obligatory airboat ride through the sawgrass. It's been years since I've ridden in an airboat, and it was a lot of fun!

The scenery was beautiful, and I took a lot of bird pictures.

John Anderson's "Seminole Wind" kept running through my head. If you've ever heard it you know why.




Oh my!

The Airboat place also had an animal sanctuary, and Nils got to know a gator:

Mike got a kick out of this sign:

Do you know what a Swamp Buggy is? I didn't until I got to ride in one! It's basically a reeeeeeeeeeally tall, open-air vehicle that can't turn corners worth nothin'. But they give an interesting view, and some of my favorite pictures came from this ride.

I love this raccoon's face! Click to see his "WHAT?!?" face.

He posed for a few pictures, then decided he'd had enough.

One spidey-licious parting shot:

Saturday, February 07, 2009

My OMG Moment.

After my mile-high (almost) experience last Saturday, we went to a Barbeque festival in Lakeland. Luckily the motion sickness had worn off by then, so one minute I'm walking around in smoky-induced heaven, and the next I'm wheeling myself around fast enough to give myself whiplash. Why? Because I heard someone say this:

"Hey, isn't that the Nekkid Chef?"

By that I assumed they meant Jamie Oliver, only my FAVORITE Food Network Chef, who is otherwise known as the Naked Chef. After cutting through another vendor's area and leaping over a bush, I had my first OMG moment of 2009: a close encounter with Jamie Oliver!!

At this point I MAY have gotten a little giddy. Maybe.

He's one fast English bugger!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Changes in Altitude, Changes in Attitude...

I flew on a glider this weekend. Yes, me. The girl who has gotten motion sickness on airplanes. And the ocean. And lakes. And I didn't even need to use the puke bag!

Getting strapped in...

I look like I'm just starting to realize what I got myself into...

One second I'm on the ground, like any perfectly sane person would be, and the next I'm sitting in an vehicle that has NO ENGINE being pulled behind an airplane. And mind you, there was no safety course, no "here's the parachute, good luck..." I didn't even realize there was a puke bag until we were landing!

Taking off!

County Road 561 from a new angle...

Land that I Love...

My mother and dear husband are the tiny dots on the ground.

Taken from the ground as we were getting ready to land...I was turning a little green at this point, and was glad we were landing!

"I made it!"

So the real question is..."Would you put your hands in the life of this guy?" Cause I did!! I'm I had a lot of fun!!