Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everybody's Goin' Surfin, Surfin' USA

Actually, only Nils went surfing...but hey, any excuse to give a shout out to the Beach Boys! On our second day in Cocoa Beach, Nils took a surfing lesson from Brian at Nex Generation Surf School. Brian was SUCH a nice guy, and he was a great instructor as well. It was so much fun watching Nils try out his surfing skills! I took approximately two thousand pictures, and these are my favorites:

This pictures makes me wonder what's going through his head as he heads out to try surfing for the first time.



...THERE we are!

Of course he was up and surfing in like 10 minutes.

One of my favorites of the favorites :)
Of course you can't spend a full day surfing and not fall a few times:

Celebrating a job well done!
I took some non-Nils pictures as well:

A Seagull

I'm not actually sure what these are called...I wanna say Pipers of some sort?? Anyone??



Another Osprey. Or maybe the same one.

My orange and blue toenails, painted as such in preparation of the AWESOME National Championship game!!
After surfing we went to Maine-ly Lobster for lunch. They had the BEST fried fish and shrimp!

Nils had to try a Lobster:
He ate that WHOLE bad boy! I guess surfing makes you hungry!!


Dee said...

Nils did great!

Yum --- lobster!

Lynn said...

This kid is having the time of his life!!!! Will you do a scrapbook of his time here? Did I just add yet another project to your plate?!?! LOL

phyl said...

Isn't that just like a kid to pick something up and master it like he had been doing it all of his life!!