Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everybody's Goin' Surfin, Surfin' USA

Actually, only Nils went surfing...but hey, any excuse to give a shout out to the Beach Boys! On our second day in Cocoa Beach, Nils took a surfing lesson from Brian at Nex Generation Surf School. Brian was SUCH a nice guy, and he was a great instructor as well. It was so much fun watching Nils try out his surfing skills! I took approximately two thousand pictures, and these are my favorites:

This pictures makes me wonder what's going through his head as he heads out to try surfing for the first time.



...THERE we are!

Of course he was up and surfing in like 10 minutes.

One of my favorites of the favorites :)
Of course you can't spend a full day surfing and not fall a few times:

Celebrating a job well done!
I took some non-Nils pictures as well:

A Seagull

I'm not actually sure what these are called...I wanna say Pipers of some sort?? Anyone??



Another Osprey. Or maybe the same one.

My orange and blue toenails, painted as such in preparation of the AWESOME National Championship game!!
After surfing we went to Maine-ly Lobster for lunch. They had the BEST fried fish and shrimp!

Nils had to try a Lobster:
He ate that WHOLE bad boy! I guess surfing makes you hungry!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Fun at Kennedy Space Center

We took a short trip to Cocoa Beach before Nils and I had to get back to school - we went to Kennedy Space Center Friday and the beach Saturday (surfing photos are coming next!)

Going to the Space Center was actually very interesting - I haven't been there since I was in middle school, and I guess I was too young to notice all the cool stuff they have there.

I found early space exploration the most interesting - I can't imagine what it must have been like to go into space having no idea what it would be like or what would happen.

Can you imagine living in that thing for weeks at at time...with another dude? And fully expecting the sprout another arm or something when you get back to Earth?!?



No comment.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Day

We went to my mom's house on Christmas Day and had a great time!

Instead of buying Christmas gifts for every family member, we do a "White Elephant" gift exchange - aka Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, etc. It's always a fun time!

"Whiiiiiiiiiiiich one?"

A family friend brought her grandson over. The poor kid just did not understand the concept of White Elephant!
Eventually he gave up and tried making friends with Sophie...

...pretty soon he was using Nil's foot as a pillow and having a philosophical conversation with her...
...and soon after that Sophie decided to find an escape.

My brother fell for the "girly gift in a manly bag" trick!

We brought our Wii with us, and just like I thought, it was a lot of fun.

My little cousin picked up Wii bowling almost instantly.
He and Mike played a round - guess who won...
I got a lot of "celebration shots":

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

(Late) Christmas Eve

Yep, it's January 6th and I'm just now posting pictures from Christmas Eve. We hosted my family at our house - dinner was fondue and it was delicious!

I have no idea who took this picture, but how they pried my new camera out of my hands is beyond me.

Mom says hello to Howie the guinea pig.

My great uncle and grandmother in a somewhat rare moment of sibling harmony.

My dad and Mike - boss and grunt, haha!

My wonderful, hilarious brother visited from Kentucky. It made us all happy.

Sophie says hi to uncle Jerry.

Grandma and Nils, probably talking about how two people who are so incredibly different can get along so well :)

And finally, one of my new favorite pictures - me and my occasionally spontaneous father!