Saturday, December 06, 2008

What We've Been Up To

I have a bunch of random pictures in my camera that have been itching to be posted, so here's what we've been up to:

Nils made apfel kuchen to share over Thanksgiving. Yummy!

Here he is, pondering life on the Rainbow River on Thanksgiving Day.

We also went to visit Mike's family over Thanksgiving weekend. We decided to go ice skating, or rather, Nils ACTUALLY ice skated and I made a feeble attempt at it.

He was really good! I shouldn't be surprised; he seems to be a natural at anything that involved physical activity.

Speaking of physical activity, here's some video of his most recent soccer game. It's so neat to watch him play!

Mike's been spending some quality time with the animals....

And I went on my very first field trip this week. We went to beautiful Mount Dora to ride on a train and meet Santa. It was fun, but BOY was I tired!!

I have a few faceless pictures I can show you. The kids had a BLAST, especially when Santa landed his sleigh in an orange grove and boarded the train! Waving to his fans :)

Those are OPEN windows they're peering out about sky-rocketing blood pressure!! "IT'S SANTA!!!!"

I have never seen a group of kids so excited!!

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