Friday, December 26, 2008

Sea World!

To celebrate our temporary freedom from school, (for Nils and I at least!), we went to Sea World. We were able to score some free tickets, thanks to a very generous friend-of-a-friend, which makes it all the more fun! First, some photos that weren't loading right on the slide show:

Nils wanted to get his picture taken next to the Christmas tree while wearing shorts. Being from Northern Germany, this is very strange for him, but it wouldn't have even occurred to me, a Floridian, to be a thing worth taking a picture of!

Waiting for the Whale/Dolphin show to start. It was excellent, even better than Shamu's Believe!
And now for the pictures that were cooperating:

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture on Kraken. I'm assuming Mike took the picture? He has quick reflexes!!!