Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If the boat's a'knockin...

I haven't really talked much about teaching on this blog for several reasons, mainly because my job consumes most of my real life, so by the time I sit down to blog (which isn't very often, I know!) I don't have many words left. Plus it's hard to sum up what I feel in writing. Sometimes I wish I could leave all the paperwork, bureaucracy, and PARENTS behind and just do my job, but I am completely blessed to be in the position that I'm in.

I somehow wound up on the best team in the best school ever, pretty much by luck. I have a great group of kids, who are too smart for their own good. I'll give you an example, but I have to give you some background information first:

Today I had my BIG observation, which was both nerve-wracking and awkward. Nerve wracking because my job depends on this thing, awkward because the person who observed my is not only the assistant principal of the school, but also just happened to be my fourth grade teacher.

Anyhoo, she's in my room, sitting at my desk, and my lesson is going great. We're talking about one of our vocabulary words (which happened to be "awkward"), and one of my kids says that it would be awkward to be on a boat in rough seas (because the boat would be rocking). I was pretty elated because that's a really smart thing for a first grader to say.

So this kid goes to illustrate the word awkward, and when I walk over to his desk to check his work, he's drawn an awesome picture of a boat. I said, "Wow, I see you wrote a caption, too....'the boat is rocking.'" And the kid next to him (within earshot of my observer) interjects and says.......................

"So don't come a'knockin!!"


Anonymous said...

Oh my golly ... now WHERE did he hear that????? LOL

The picture with Nils in your sidebar is very dute. Where did he get to hold the lorikeet?

phyl said...

Now THAT is one you must write down and keep!! I haven't stopped laughing yet!! :)

Lynn said...

ROTFL!! LOVE it!! Yes I don't envy you the observation by your fourth grade teacher no less!!! BUT you don't work at the best school, THAT would be mine! LOL
(at least we both love our schools!)
And I would love to read more funnies like this.