Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Loot...

We had a trade show for our family business recently in Orlando, and I came away with some great loot! In case you didn't know, my family owns a horticultural supply business. In other words, we deal in dirt and poop. Oh yeah.

Exhibit A: two Lantanas, which have the added bonus of being native to Florida. I have always felt that the yellow variety is more hardy than the other colors (it's the original that the other colors were hybridized out of). I stuck them in the ground, and after they're established, I won't have to worry about them unless we have a REALLY hard freeze!

Now for the good stuff: I was able to get two bee-yoo-tee-ful orchids for 6 bucks each! I won't risk sounding stupid by trying to name them, since I know Dee will do the honors! I'll just let you enjoy the pictures :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful "dendrobiums" --- $6.00 -- good score.

There is a shop in 434 in Longwood selling orchids that cheaply. I was tempted to stop in. Unfortunately, I'm outta room.

By the way ... the little orchid you gave me is blooming. I'll post a picture on my blog. It's VERY pretty and not at ALL what I expected.

Lynn said...

Even during a hard freeze those things come back!! We've cut ours back all the way to the ground and the next summer they come right back!!!!

SP Photos said...

Hey Jacki! Love the flowers!