Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

My mom recently handed me a bunch of picture cd's that were collecting dust in her office so they could collect dust in MY office instead. I found some pretty interesting stuff - let's reminisce, shall we?

Here I am in 2001, my junior year of high school, with my unsuspecting homecoming date. All I have to say about this picture is that I don't remember being that skinny, EVER.

Funny thing is, I still keep in contact with a lot of these people. I loved that dress I'm wearing. My mom made it.

Let's reach back a little further.........................HERE we go:

These pictures were taken on a mission trip in 2000. Oh man, I ROCKED those bangs!


I just remember being SO happy to finally have my braces off!

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Lynn said...

I remember your mom showing us that picture of you and your friends at Homecoming!! It was at stitch day!!!