Monday, August 18, 2008

More News

You may be wondering who the handsome guy is in this picture. If you're wondering who the blonde chick is, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog! But back to the handsome one....our family has gotten a little bigger: we have welcomed a foreign exchange student into our home for the school year! Nils is from Germany, and we are so excited to have him! It's been a whirlwind couple of days, between the new job and the new kid, but we've enjoyed showing him America and getting to know him.

We've been asked by several people how we got into hosting a foreign exchange student. We know a couple at church who have hosted several times, and when she mentioned it to me several months ago, I agreed to talk to Mike about it, thinking he would say no and that would be the end of it. Well, he was actually kind of interested! And the more we found out about the program, the more interested we became. I've always said that sometimes you know when God wants you to do something because every obstacle is moved out of the way, and that was definitely true this time. And to be honest, once I got ahold of Nil's application and got a look at his picture, I knew I wanted him to come. We've all connected really well, and for that I am truly grateful.


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Nils!

Nils is certainly getting a Florida welcome --- LOL --- one day of school and then a hurricane day!

By the way ... how was YOUR first day?

You can go to my blog and see how MY day was. Why do these things always happen when Steve is on business?

phyl said...

Welcome to "the family" Nils!! We can't wait to meet you!! Oma is excited to be able to talk alittle German with you!!

Thinking about you a lot, Jacki, and your first week with your "kids". Congratulations and best wishes!! Call me anytime!

Mom Wolfe

Lynn said...

Wow this is really cool! I've never actually known anyone who did this. And when I think of foreign exchange student, I think of Better off Dead.
Have some Fraunch fries...