Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hello My Name is Jacki and I am an Orchid-holic.

One of my orchids is set to bloom any day now. It actually has THREE spikes. I don't remember what color this one blooms into, but it appears to be fuschia. The question will be whether it has any white in the middle.

I'm also trying out a new orchid media: pecan shells!
I took two babies off my epidendrum radicans to try it out - if anything, I love the look of the pecan shells!
This guy also got a re-potting. I got him from Walgreens after Mother's Day - he had no blooms and was very puny, but was very cheap, so he came home to see what I could do with him. I have no idea what type it is, but hopefully he will start doing better.

I have seen flowers come in stony places
And kind things done by men with ugly faces
And the gold cup won by the worst horse at the races,
So I trust too.
-John Masefield

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