Saturday, July 26, 2008

The New Mexico Files: Saturday, July 12th, 2oo8 (Wedding Time!)

The wedding turned out beautifully. The bride was gorgeous, the groom cried when he said his vows, and EVERYONE cried when the father of the bride gave his toast. And I took LOTS of pictures!!

First up, some decorations:

My uncle giving Val away. He's just like my dad - calm, cool, and and collected. You'd think they were brothers or something!!

The mother-son/father-daughter dance. Let me take this opportunity to get it out of the way: Tony is one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and I'm glad I was there to welcome him into the family. Even if it meant one less Cook girl in the world!!

Here's Heidi and Nathan, whose spawns you have been looking at throughout the vacay photos. Especially this little guy:

I could not stop taking pictures of him. Wherever the action is, he's always right there in the middle of it!! How could I NOT take pictures? Look at that face!!

Seriously, take one look at this kid and tell me he's not going to be a ladykiller when he gets older.

He even tried his moves on the bride!!!

Don't ask, I have no idea.

Dancing with big sister #1...

...and arguing with big sister #2. It's hard being the baby of the family, I know!!

What a charmer. This must be a classic 6-year old boy's face, because we have pictures somewhere of my brother with that exact same face.

Here's Heidi making last-minute adjustments to her daughter, the flower girl. I helped with her hair!!

The flower girls. They were so funny...while we were setting up for the ceremony, they were walking down the aisle again and again, swishing their arms in sync, practicing for their moment in the spotlight. They took it quite seriously. I can still hear Heidi's girl: "...aaaand ONE and two and THREE and four...."

My aunt Debbie with her two sisters.

And here's Mike and I, thankful that our wedding was almost three years ago and we could just enjoy this one!!

The wedding ended in the late afternoon, so for dinner we went to an authentic New Mexican restaurant. I'm told there is a difference between authentic Mexican and New Mexican cuisine, but I never did figure out what that difference is! I ordered something called posole, which was a soup of roasted corn with pork. In New Mexico their state motto is "Red or Green?" which refers to the chilis that practically every meal is served with. The reds are usually hot enough to melt your face off, while the greens are much more mild. Guess which one I chose....

I want one of these for my house!!


Kathleen said...

Your hair looks really cute like that!

Lynn said...

boy did I miss alot! I love the photo journal of your trip to NM. Great pics and it looks like everybody had a great time. Love the end result of your cross stitch cup, very cute. And um, what do you plan on doing with that Hemp yarn?!?! LOL I bet it would make great toys for the cats!

Would catnip in hemp be overkill?!?