Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sammy and Mike: BFF

This is Sammy, my parent's cat:

He was my cat, but when I went to college he stayed in the wilderness that is my parent's backyard and became more and more ornery. He would have hated apartment life in Gainesville, and he would hate having to be an indoor cat at my house, so he stays with my parents and has become their cat. He doesn't like many people, but he LOVES Mike. When we were at my parent's house to see my aunt and uncle, who are visiting from New Mexico, I was sent outside to take some family pictures:

My dad, grandmother, and uncle. I actually got some pretty decent pictures of them, but Sammy and Mike were distracting me with their antics:

NOTE: no kitties were harmed in the making of these pictures. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Mike, who is still nursing the scratches on his arms.
This is how it starts:
Mike catches his attention, and Sammy hunkers down into alert-kitty mode.

The ears come back right before the pounce, aaaaaaand...


"Move along, nothing to see here..."


Lynn said...

That's how you knew Mike was the one, Sammy approved of him!

Jacki said...

Well, yes, that did help! :) When I would come home from college to visit, Sammy would glare at me if I didn't bring Mike! Glad to know where I stand with him!