Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Visit from Mr. Noshoulders

The snakes have been coming out in full force here in Florida. Up at Pure Florida, FloridaCracker recently had a close encounter with a lovely gray rat snake, but he got a little closer to his friend than I did to this guy:

I was sitting in the living room working on some school when out of the corner of my eye I saw this black racer slithering behind my tomato plant. My first thought was to check to make sure the kitties weren't on the porch (which they weren't). My second thought was that there was no way this guy could hurt them, being non-constrictors and non-venemous*, even if they were stupid enough to try to play with him. My third thought was to grab the camera and get out there!

Black racers are very quick - he's in this exact same S-curve in 99% of the pictures I took. I just love his beautiful black scales! I decided to let him be, since racers are famous for musking. He also looked a little stressed, and I didn't want to add to his distress.
Mr. Noshoulders found his way off the porch by himself, and Mike was very disappointed that he missed our first snake sighting of the Spring!

*snakes are not poisonous! Yes there is a difference!


Dee said...

That looks like the same kind of snake we've had on our porch lately. They seem very grateful when I open the door and let them out. I don't know WHY they can't figure out to go out the same way they came in.

Lynn said...

You mean you wouldn't want that thing in your house?!!? Hemi found the nest and for the next three days he would bring one in. The IO finally moved all the snakes to the neighbor's.....