Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sophie's 4th Birthday!

We celebrated Sophie's 4th birthday on Tuesday! We don't actually know when her birthday is or exactly how old she is, but we're huge dorks and we don't have kids yet...STOP LAUGHING!!

I decided against making a cake for her like I did last year, because all the recipes I found grossed me out. The idea of mixing up ingredients like baby food and wet dog chow just does not sounds like a good time for me. So, I decided to pick her up a doggie biscuit pizza from Tony's Pizza across the street. I've bought her cookies from there before, which she has always loved, and I thought this idea was so cute!

Yes, we even put on party hats! I was actually surprised that she tolerated them.

Actually she was yawning in this picture.

We shared some of the pizza with Jenna, the neighbor's chocolate Lab. I can't believe we've had Sophie for almost three years! I hate to think about what kind of life she lived before she found us, but she is my baby now, and she is spoiled rotten!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Sophie!

Lynn said...

Sophie is adorable~!!! Yes she is spoiled rotten, but isn't that our job?? To spoil our pets??

BTW where were the cats? Did they join in the festivities or did they run the other way when they saw party hats?

Melissa said...

She's adorable in that hat! Happy birthday, puppy!

Jacki said...

Sophie says thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

Lynn - the cats were holed up on the porch at the time - we've had the sliding door shut for the past few days, and they're not too crazy about having to ask to go out! Actually DEMAND is more like it! But I don't think they would have gone for the party hats anyway. I'm surprised Sophie let me put one on her!!

Anonymous said...

was any human brave enough to try some pizza?

Jacki said...

It tasted a little bland to me. I try pretty much anything of hers that is not meat flavored, and most of them taste kinda like this one.

Now, mind you, I worked through college in pet stores, so that mental block against eating foods meant for pets was pretty much erased. I worked at one store where there was a treat bar with sandwich creams that tasted just like the ones for humans, and there was a dried fruit mix for birds that I would eat all the time. At another store we got this fancy-schmancy canned dog food that was labeled fit for human consumption, so we all tried it. Tasted like Dinty Moore to me.