Thursday, March 20, 2008

It May Not Look Like Much...

but it will. This is my porch, and I've been doing lots of planting. So far I've planted: lettuce, carrots, peppers, 2 orange trees (in pots), Patio Princess tomatoes, dill, black-eyed susans, zinnias, mint, and lots more. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

the Page orange I just transplanted to a larger, self-watering pot. Our salesman got us two trees, and this one is blooming like crazy.

This is Carl, my very first Orchid, who has grown a LOT since I got him a year ago. He just got a new pot, and I believe he is a Phalenopsis.

Some dill. I first tried dill a few months ago in my greenhouse window and had no luck at all. This time around, living on the porch has down wonders for me. Anyone want some dill?
No? How about some chives, then? I have both coming out of my ears!

My tomatoes in the background, and mint in the foreground. The mint is growing back nicely after I stripped it for the mint ice cream I made.

Peppers. Another plant that failed on my first attempt.

Lettuce! This is one of the most exciting plants for me to watch grow. I can't wait to have my first salad...

An Epidendrum Radicans from Dee. Bosephus just loves being on the porch!

The bird feeder in the front yard. Notice the morning glory and moonflower sprouts, which will eventually grow up the feeder and bloom pretty flowers. Do not notice Sophie loitering in the background.

I'll do my best to keep you updated on my progress! I'm really enjoying watching things grow.

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Dee said...

Carl is a dendrobium, most definitely.

Your garden is coming along nicely.

We are just getting over an attack of aphids on our pepper plants. Fortunately, I caught them quickly and they did no damage.