Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Fun Day

My youngest cousin and aunt are visiting from North Carolina. Today we went to lunch at the the Yalaha Bakery, to the produce stand next to the bakery, then to our processing site to see where Mike and my dad work. Jesse is six now (he was born the day after 9/11!) and is turning into a really cool kid.

He grabbed my camera and started taking some pictures, and some of them were pretty impressive! Look how he used the tree branches to frame this one:

He loved being able to see the pictures he took on my digital camera. He took the first picture, and I told him to try to take another one without the chairs in the bottom right corner. He tried again, and the result was the next picture! Well, he cut out the chairs on the right...

He was so excited to have Mike show him the alligators at the site.


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Melissa said...

He's adorable, and I'm glad you're having a good visit! We had our nephews staying with us for half of last week, and it was fun getting to know them more.