Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cypress Gardens and a Fun Weekend

Mike and I went to Lakeland for the weekend to visit some dear friends of ours, Doug and Colette. You may or may not remember Doug as the best man in our wedding. We went to Cypress Gardens on Saturday, which I had not been to in many years. For those of you not from the area, Cypress Gardens is a theme park with a mixture of rides, gardens and shows. They have the world's longest-running entertainment show, a waterskiiing show.

The famous pyramid. It was really windy and choppy that day, the kind of day that makes me glad I'm not a professional skiier!

Pretty waterfall.

This is a coatamundi, which I remember seeing when I went to Costa Rica. They are related to the racoons we have here, and I love their cute little faces. I know, I know, dad, they're pests, but they're so darn cute!!

This watersnake was giving Doug the stinkeye :)

Fake screaming before the ride began.

Screaming for real!

Bird's eye view from the ferris wheel.

Doug and Colette riding the teacups. I love this picture of Colette because it really shows her personality.

The three giants with shrimpy Colette standing on her toes :)


We brought Sophie along, and she decided she has a new favorite person. Colette gave her lots of love...since she's usually so neglected, haha.

And finally, my new favorite picture of Sophie.

We really enjoyed this weekend, catching up and goofing off with old friends!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Steve and I need to make a trip to Cypress Gardens. It looks like y'all had a good time!

Sophie's picture is adorable!

Dave Cook said...

Send me that last picture of Sophie. It's got so much contrast it would make a nice black and white.

And . . . we're second cousins!