Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meet Flat James

I am doing a project for a boy named James who lives in Washington state. His dad, Stuart, is a bloggy friend of mine. James read the book Flat Stanley and decided that he, too, would like to see the world. If you would like to show Flat James your part of the world, mosey on over to his dad's blog and he will help you out. Flat James and I have been busy the last few days...

First, my friend Dee taught Flat James to knit in Orlando.

Then, Flat James took a look at greater Orlando. He said it was hot for February.

Today, Flat James helped me make some brownies to take to Mike and my dad at work. He had a good time learning about the business and watching all the heavy equipment.

Can you see what is in the background? If so, you'll know why Flat James is a little pale.
He got to meet an alligator! He was very nervous, but he was safe with Mike, who is an experienced Gator handler. WARNING: do not try this at home! This alligator was used to people before we arrived at this site, and unfortunately will probably have to be removed once he gets too big.
Flat James in a pile of compost. He was surprised to learn that the compost doesn't really smell.

Flat James and I have a few more places to visit, then I'll be sending the pictures to the real James. Flat James has asked to stay with me as a reminder of one of the cutest kids in the world.

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