Monday, February 11, 2008

"It's just a matter of time..."

These were the words Mike said to me after we decided to let the cats go out on the porch. He was referring, of course, to one of the animals winding up in the pool. He was right. And it was hilarious.

We decided to start opening the sliding glass door because there is little opportunity for airflow in our house without it. We made sure the porch was locked down on Saturday, then opened the door. The cats were very hesitant at first, expecting to be scolded at any moment. Neither of them made it more than two feet from the door that first day, but by this afternoon, they were having the time of their lives out there.

Maybe a little too much! Mike saw it actually happen - apparently, they were playing, and Morgan jumped back...right into the pool.

Needless to say, she was NOT a happy camper. I knew she was upset when she let me approach her with a towel - this would usually be enough to set her off, but she let me pick her up and dry her off. No sooner had I set her down when....

Sophie was watching the whole business from the other side of the pool, and decided to check out her wet sister. Unfortunately, she forgot to go AROUND the pool, and literally walked right in! Now, you must know that Sophie hates the pool even more than she hates her baths. Mike had to go over and pull her out, because she couldn't climb out and wouldn't swim to the steps.

Good thing I already had the towel!! It was pretty funny, but the whole thing was very upsetting to her. Mike said he had never seen the look of sheer panic that was on her face when he pulled her out! After such an adventurous night, we headed to the Dairy Ranch to get ice cream for us and a junior burger for Sophie. That did the trick!


Anonymous said...

You were a good Mama to get her a jr. burger. LOL

But, you better watch out. If she knows that going in the pool gets her a jr. burger, wellll...........

Jacki said...

Oh wow, what have I gotten myself into?!?


No really though, I don't think I have to worry about it. Right now she's hiding in the closet because it's thunder, just rain :)

Melissa said...

Looks like you were cooing to her as she was dried - not that she'd want to jump right back in, but I bet that was comforting!