Sunday, February 10, 2008

Adventures in Boating

I normally go to class on Friday nights and all day Saturday, so weekends in the Wolfe household have been sucking as of lately. However, yesterday I didn't have class, so Mike suggested that we go out on his aluminum boat. I told him that as long as he was completely prepared by the time I got home from class on Friday, we could go the next day. Well, he was prepared, but I was definitely NOT prepared for the experience of boating with my husband.

The adventure started when we pulled out of our subdivision pulling the boat. As soon as we started going at a respectable speed (not an easy feat for our little ole' truck, which was protesting loudly), one of the boat cushions flew out of the boat. Visions of the lawsuit that would ensue from the exploded windshield from the car behind us quickly faded as the cushion landed without incident. Mike said he would go back for it, but he ended up not having to, because some nice people in a Jimmy stopped and got it for us. Things got even more interesting when we pulled up to the boat ramp and I heard the words that I did NOT want to hear from Mike: "...I've never done this before..."


But the truth some became even more obvious after our fifth attempt to back the trailer into the water properly. By this time, the bystanders had given up on subtlety, and had resorted to either pointing and laughing or cussing at us for taking up the ramp for so long. I think Mike was a little embarrassed, because he wouldn't let me get out of the truck to help. We finally got the boat in the water, and Mike prepared to start the thirty-year old engine that he swore to me would work.

Guess what.

Twelve minutes later, Mike decided to use the trolling motor to putter around the shore for about an hour, the call it a day. It was actually kind of nice. The trolling motor was completely silent, which made for a relaxing, slow ride where we got to really look at our surroundings. I got some pretty good pictures:

I thought this conglomeration of cypress knees was interesting. You can see the fallen tree on the right. Close-up below:

Some anhingas hanging out in a tree:

You can tell just how confident I am in this picture. Note: I don't normally have three chins.

We came across a pair of roosting ospreys and watched them build their nest for awhile. It was really neat. I got some video:

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Lynn said...

Thank you for the morning laugh!! This is something my dh would do as well!!!