Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do you think this...
Could fit in this?!?

The answer is....mmmno. We went to a car show at the Villages yesterday and saw cars ranging from really nice to ultra-quaint.

The General Lee! Not THE General Lee, just a replica by a rabid fan.

I loved this car! I believe it was a Ford Woody.

From the back. Now that's a family car!

This was not from the car show, but we saw it at a gas station the same night. THIS is why I love living in a po-dunk town! You can see how big it is in comparison to the car at the next pump over. I imagine this guy spends a lot of time at gas stations!!


Dee said...

Not just the gas ... can you imagine how much it cost to put a set of TIRES on that thing? And I thought tires for the Mustang were expensive! LOL

Jacki said...

Lol I know! And Mike said the steps the guys installed are actually gas tanks! Wonder how much that set him worries just put it on the credit card!! :)