Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Next 100 facts.

Even thought Stuart one-upped me and decided to do 201 facts, I decided to keep it to the original goal of 200 facts. Here are the last 100. Enjoy!

101. My middle name is Marie.
102. I had strep throat and tonsillitis at the same time when I was in the 6th grade.
103. The most amount of school I have ever missed (by a long shot) is one week – due to #2
104. I love college football
105. I don’t love professional football. Too much showboating and too many whiners.
106. I’m beginning to realize that basketball is an interesting sport.
107. My favorite song when I was in preschool was “Proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood.
108. I’m pretty cheap.
109. I love thrift stores.
110. There are no good thrift stores where I live.
111. I’ve read through the Bible in its entirety twice.
112. I’m in the process of reading it again.
113. I just finished Proverbs and enjoyed it for the first time.
114. I also really liked Psalms this time around.
115. I love to eat breakfast at any time of day.
116. I really hate getting shots. More than most people.
117. I do not enjoy the Simpsons.
118. People think it’s weird that I like Family Guy but not the Simpsons.
119. I never learned to play an instrument.
120. I wish I had listened to my mom when she said I would regret that.
121. I blog sporadically.
122. I check other people’s blogs compulsively.
123. I don’t have enough patience to watch movies with subtitles.
124. I’m not a phone talker.
125. But I don’t mind if you call me.
126. It’s just I don’t like calling other people because I’m afraid they’re too busy to talk but don’t want to say so, etc.
127. The only time I’ve ever been on crutches was when a camper fell onto my foot and used his elbow to break the fall.
128. I was a camp counselor for three summers at Warren Willis United Methodist Youth Camp for three summers.
129. I now live in the same town as the camp.
130. I never thought I would wind up living here.
131. Given the chance to live somewhere else, I don’t know what I’d decide.
132. I love the Smoky Mountains.
133. I never understood why people who live on the East Coast would travel all the way to the West Coast to see mountains until I saw the West Coast for myself.
134. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.
135. I would visit there again in a second.
136. I have been out of the USA twice: once to Canada, once to Costa Rica.
137. I want to visit all 50 states before I die.
138. I think that most of the time, Christians act in a way that Jesus would not.
139. I include myself in that last statement.
140. I pray that my actions don’t put someone else off to the faith.
141. I try to be interested in politics, but I have a hard time making myself care.
142. I HATE bureaucracy.
143. I HATE inefficiency.
144. I hate #142 because of #143.
145. I hate when restaurants don’t know how to give good service.
146. I understand the cyclical frustration surrounding this issue. Restaurants can’t afford to pay people enough to care.
147. I get overwhelmed easily.
148. I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed.
149. I was awake for the procedure.
150. I was given laughing gas and allowed to listen to my cd player.
151. I found the procedure to be very interesting.
152.I find lots of things to be interesting when I’m under the influence of laughing gas.
153. I didn’t want to get put under because you never know when something could go wrong when you’re under anesthesia, and if you’re not in a hospital, that could be really bad.
154. I gave a testimony in church two days after I got my wisdom teeth out, when I was seriously under the influence of Percocet.
155. I have no idea what I said.
156. I’m told I did a really good job.
157. I look a lot like my mom.
158. My mom used to get asked whether or not she was my mom out of the blue just because I look so much like her.
159. I like pizza. A lot.
160.I am a pizza purist.
161. If you put anything non-meat on my pizza, it will get thrown in your face.
162. The only exception to this rule is pineapple.
163. The previous exception must be paired with ham.
164. I hate it when people make white pizzas, barbecue pizzas, etc.
165. The only exception to #164 is dessert pizzas.
166. Even then, you’re on shaky ground.
167. The first concert I ever went to was dcTalk.
168. I used to be crazy about that group. A Talkie, if you will.
169. I love cream cheese.
170. I love just about any kind of cheese.
171. Except stinky ones. No thanks.
172. I don’t like tomatoes.
173. I’ve really tried to learn to like tomatoes, but unless they’re cooked down into a sauce or ketchup, I just can’t stomach them.
174.I miss all the really great restaurants we had in Gainesville.
175. I love country music from the 1990’s.
176. I think modern country has gone way too far in the direction of pop.
177. Before we got Sophie, I really wanted a schnauzer.
178. Sophie is definitely not a schnauzer.
179. But I wouldn’t trade her for the world.
180. I can’t imagine ever not having a pet.
181. I am very good at predicting whether or not a romantic relationship will work out.
182. I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth.
183. I have a low tolerance for pain.
184. My husband and I use movie and television quotes so much it sounds like another language.
185. I have been in physical therapy twice.
186. The first time was when I injured my back jet-skiing.
187. The second time was when I exacerbated my back playing racquetball.
188. I don’t understand why some people have such an intense fear of the dentist.
189. I genuinely want to know what’s up with Notre Dame this football season.
190. I come from a family of water-skiers.
191. I never liked to water ski.
192. We finally figured out that it was because I would get motion sickness in the boat…even on a lake!
193. I used to get sick EVERY Thanksgiving and Christmas, like clockwork.
194. My husband figured out that it was the sweet potatoes, which I only eat during those times.
195. Since then, I have never gotten sick on Thanksgiving or Christmas.
196. I get easily annoyed by immaturity.
197. When I was in elementary school, my family raised our own beef.
198. The steers were named Sir Loin, Supper, and Penny.
199. I was responsible for naming the last one.
200. I can’t believe I actually came up with 200 facts about myself! Hope you enjoyed reading them!

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