Friday, October 12, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

Mike brought home a surprise for me from the trade show he went to last weekend: a new orchid! I believe this is a dendrobium, although hopefully Dee can supply us with more information. He did a wonderful job picking one with pretty blossoms.
Carl (on the left) was happy to get another friend in addition to his short new buddy from Dee.

I am loving my greenhouse window! I've discovered that I have to water a lot more than I thought, so my herbs are coming in well.Some parsley. At least I think it's parsley. I have no recollection of planting parsley seeds, and if I did I didn't keep the seed packet. It smells like parsley.

A tomato seedling. Almost ready to transfer!


Anonymous said...

Yep ...your new orchid is a dendrobium. It is most likely "Nida Stripe". That's a very popular commercial orchid. They are very reliable bloomers.

You gotta love a man that brings orchids!!!

barefoot gardener said...

Beautiful orchid!

I once had an orchid. Amazingly enough, it was the one houseplant that I didn't kill. It even bloomed fairly reliably for me.