Friday, September 07, 2007

Stop your junk mail!

The brains behind C3 (Carbon Conscious Consumers) have launched a new campaign to help consumers receive less junk mail, which in my opinion is a win-win situation. Not only is junk mail a really annoying waste of my time, the production and disposal of direct mail alone has consumed more energy than 3 million cars! What an incredible waste! What's worse, it's something that's not even a little bit useful.

Take the pledge to take simple steps to reduce the amount of junk mail. It won't take more than a half an hour of your time, and you'll feel good about doing your part to reduce our impact on the earth.

p.s. another one of my new favorite things is the CO2 saver toolbar from EcoFabulous. CO2 Saver immediately adjusts your Windows Power Management settings to reduce your computer's energy use when it's idle. But the coolest thing is, it shows you how many pounds of carbon you've saved by using the program! It's a small file. It's not annoying. Give it a try!

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